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Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Have you ever been in your car driving down the street and you just had an uneasy feeling about the car in the lane next to you?  For whatever reason you cannot seem to get comfortable while they are driving next to you and, just as you figured they would, they try to change lanes without checking their mirrors or blind spot and you have to hit the brakes hard to avoid being involved in a traffic accident.  They continue on their way oblivious and perhaps you utter a few demeaning remarks about their intelligence under your breath.  Well, if this scenario has ever played out for you than congratulations!  You are a defensive driver and your likely hood of getting into an accident in several times less than others because you are aware of other drivers and hazards on the road.  You have a knack for anticipating the less-than-intelligent maneuvers of others and have a pre-established plan of how you will respond to safely escape their mistakes.

This ability is called defensive driving and it can be learned by everyone on the road.  And in fact, it should be learned by all drivers.  Defensive driving is often taught in state or privately run classes that can be taken by any individual who desires.  Typically, however, defensive driving courses are taken by those who wish to have a few points taken off their driving record.  Whatever the reason, defensive driving courses should be considered by those who wish to be safer on America’s roadways.


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