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What to do When You Witness a Car Crash

What to do When You Witness a Car Crash

Witnessing a car crash can be an unfamiliar and foreign event for many people.  Understanding what to do after witnessing a car wreck can help the observer be the most help to both the victims of the accident and the authorities who are responding.

Being the first to witness a car crash can be a traumatic and stressful event for any person, but by knowing how to respond a witness to a car wreck will be able to be of great service.  The first thing to do after witnessing a car wreck is to pull over and put on your hazard lights while maintaining a safe distance from the accident site.

This accomplishes two things.  The first is that by switching on the hazards you are notifying other drivers of a upcoming danger and the second is by maintaining a safe distance you are allowing enough space for the emergency personnel to do their work when they arrive.

After signaling the danger to others with you hazards, the next primary step after witnessing a car wreck is to call 911 and inform the authorities of the situation.  One should be prepared to give information to the dispatcher concerning the location of the accident, the number of vehicles involved, and the severity of the injuries of the victims if known.

It is best to wait for the authorities to respond to the situation instead of trying to provide medical aid to those in the crash.  Moving an injured person can cause additional injuries to the person but being there to comfort and speak with any injured individuals while waiting for professional help can be done if wished.

By knowing how to respond in the crucial first seconds after witnessing a car crash, an ordinary citizen will be able to give valuable aid to those involved.



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