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Top Distractions for Drivers

Top Distractions for Drivers

Every day, accidents are caused by distracted drivers. It seems routine to police officers to arrive at the scene of an accident and hear some story about how the driver was distracted at the wheel. They didn’t see the red light in time to brake or realize that they were drifting into oncoming traffic. Here are the top distractions that police officers hear about on the job.

Using your cell phone

Drivers that text, call or use their cell phone in any other way continually get into accidents on the road. It doesn’t matter if their 16 or 60, people are getting distracted by it and don’t focus on what’s in front of them. Most states have banned texting because of the dangers it causes, but many are starting to ban calling as well, unless the call is hands free. Holding a phone to your ear is limiting and finding the right number to call takes your eyes off of the road.

Fiddling with the radio

Drivers fiddling too much with the radio don’t realize that their eyes are off the road longer than they should be. Their whole focus becomes finding the right cd or radio station to listen to next. In those moments, accidents happen. Years of experimentation has proven this. It is far safer for you to wait until a stoplight to change the track. If the music is absolutely unbearable, pull over and make the changes. When a passenger is in the car, always ask them to do this for you and you’ll never have to worry.

Eating drive-thru

Eating and driving has never been safe, and yet people continue to do it. Stuffing your face with one hand and driving with the other limits your ability to react quickly to changes in the road. Two hands are always better than one.

Spilling on yourself is another reason not to eat in the car. Not only does it ruin your clothes, but it also makes you look down to assess or stop the damage for a good 4 to 5 seconds. Also, eating the ice out of the cup puts the cup in your direct lie of vision instead of the road. See why it can be dangerous?

Angry driving

Driving angrily is a distraction in and of itself, but in the worst way possible. Angry drivers want to be reckless and fast. They take risks and yell at everyone that gets in their way. Their anger only doubles and they endanger the lives of those around them. Driving angry is a distraction from your normal way of decision making, because you don’t care what happens to you or others.

Drive safe and distraction free this holiday season. A lot of people will be travelling as the holidays approach, keep you, friends and family safe.


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