Boating Safety Tips

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Oct 05, 2012

Boating Safety Tips

Many people find that recreation on the water can be fun and exciting as well as peaceful and relaxing.  Whatever your reason for going out on a lake, river or even the ocean while recreating it is important that you understand the potential safety risks associated with watercraft.  Statistics from the year 2009 show that over three thousand people were injured in boating accidents and seven hundred and thirty-six lost their lives.  Of the individuals who perished due to drowning, nine out of ten were not properly wearing or were not at all wearing a life jacket.  Most are aware that wearing a life jacket on the water is proper boating safety but some refuse, for whatever reason, to comply with that safety precaution.  Whenever you or your family ventures out onto a body of water be sure that everyone is wearing a life jacket.  It will save lives.  Besides the life jacket there are other precautions that individuals can take to ensure they have a fun and save day on the water.  Of the statistics previously given, alcohol was the leading contributing aspect to fatal boating accidents.  Drinking and driving is not safe and neither is drinking while boating.  Alcohol impairs judgment and delays the response time of the individual and can lead to improper and dangerous handling of the watercraft.  Another, less known danger on the water is the presence of poisonous carbon monoxide gases emitted from a boats engine.  Early symptoms induced by CO poisoning are nausea and dizziness.  To avoid dangerous levels of CO gas, ensure that your watercraft has sufficient ventilation and use carbon monoxide detectors on board.  With a little research and precautions before going out on the water you will be able to better and more safely enjoy your aquatic adventures. 

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