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To make a payment on your insurance policy, please send a check to your insurance company directly using the address displayed below. If there is not an address listed for your company, please contact us directly.

To see more information about a company, click on its name. Some of the companies we represent accept payments online. Use the link in the Online Payments column below to go to your company's online payment center.


CompanyAddressPhoneOnline Payments
Edison Insurance Company
Federated National Insurance Company800-293-2532 ext. 3
Florida Peninsula P.O. Box 30010
Tampa, FL 33630-3010
Foremost Insurance P.O. Box 0915
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0915
Infinity Auto P.O. Box 830693
Birmingham, AL 35283-0693
Mercury Mercury Insurance Group
P.O. Box 11991
Santa Ana, CA 92711
Monarch National
Progressive P.O. Box 4640
Carol Stream, IL 60197-9601
Safeco P.O. Box 6476
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6476
Security First InsuranceNon-Expedited Payments
P.O. Box 45-9025
Sunrise, Florida 33345-9025
Expedited Payments
1300 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway
Suite 300
Sunrise, Florida 33323
St. Johns Insurance CompanyRegular Payments
P.O. Box 1779
Columbia, SC 29202-1779
Expedited Payments
1501 Lady St
Columbia, SC 29201
Travelers One Tower Square
Hartford, CT 06183-1001
Universal Property &

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