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What are Some Common Causes of House Fires?

What are Some Common Causes of House Fires? House fires do millions of dollars in damages every year across the United States. While this is a tough situation for anyone to go through, the fact of the matter is that...

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MADD Credit for picture: www.madd.org At about 5 p.m., Julia ran her minivan into an oncoming car, when her impaired vision kept her from realizing she was drifting into oncoming traffic. She died in the crash, taking...

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Boating Safety Tips

Boating Safety Tips Many people find that recreation on the water can be fun and exciting as well as peaceful and relaxing. Whatever your reason for going out on a lake, river or even the ocean while recreating it is...

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Will Saying “I do” Effect my Insurance Premiums?

Will Saying "I do" Effect my Insurance Premiums? Often lost in the matrimonial bliss is the real world complications that are associated with, as John Wayne would say, hitching your wagon with another's. When a couple...

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