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5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Aug 10 2017 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life April is national stress awareness month. More than likely, you deal with stressors on a regular basis. Most of us deal with stress on a daily basis. It is important that you find ways to... more

Top Distractions for Drivers

Aug 10 2017 Top Distractions for Drivers Every day, accidents are caused by distracted drivers. It seems routine to police officers to arrive at the scene of an accident and hear some story about how the driver was distracted at... more

A Home Inventory Will Help You Know What You Own

Aug 10 2017 Why should I have a home inventory? - Your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports or hobby equipment, and electronic goods are all regarded as personal property. Like many people in Florida, you may own much more... more

4 Little-Known Insurance Facts

May 15 2013 4 Little-Known Insurance Facts Insurance, especially auto insurance, is a tangled web of confusion for most people. Far more concerned with their own professions and interests, most people are content purchasing their... more

Insuring Mom’s Jewels for Mother’s Day

May 6 2013 Insuring Mom's Jewels for Mother's Day If you're old enough to be reading this post than you're probably old enough to be beyond making a Mother's Day card with crayons and construction paper. She would probably still... more

Boating Safety Tips

Apr 17 2013 Boating Safety Tips As you pull your boat out of storage and dust it off for the upcoming boating season, it is important that you also brush up on your safety tips. There's nothing better than taking the family out... more

3 Auto Insurance Myths

Apr 10 2013 3 Auto Insurance Myths As you are shopping for car insurance it can be hard to know who you can trust. When people find out that you are looking for insurance, they will probably have some "great" advice to give you,... more

National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

Apr 1 2013 National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day We all have heard how dangerous it is to drive drunk. Although it is very important to stay away from the wheel when you have been drinking, it is also very important that you stay... more

What to do When You Witness a Car Crash

Mar 20 2013 What to do When You Witness a Car Crash Witnessing a car crash can be an unfamiliar and foreign event for many people. Understanding what to do after witnessing a car wreck can help the observer be the most help to... more

National Umbrella Month: Umbrella Insurance

Mar 7 2013 National Umbrella Month: Umbrella Insurance March is National Umbrella Month. Thomas Edward Knibb declared it so to celebrate the invention of one of the "most versatile and underrated inventions of the human race."... more

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